Saturday, March 19, 2011

That Twitter thing...

So, yeah. I'll admit it. I've had my twitter account almost as long as I've had this blog. I'd go on it, I'd fiddle with the colors, I'd fiddle with the background. But I never posted. Not once. Twitter is scary. There's hashtags and little teeny tiny links and retweeting, and it makes me feel old. And I'm in my early twenties. =P

But, with a little gentle persuasion, I've finally and officially set up occupancy on my twitter. I'm sure with a new sofa and couple of teacups on the shelves it'll feel just like home in no time. ;D You can find me @tealeafliz, or just click the handy-dandy little icon in the upper right corner that now finally goes to something.

(And no, there still is no Facebook page yet. I'm lazy! :D And also debating about just not even bothering with Facebook at all. But for now, the cute little icon stays.)

(cute little twitter button from here!)


  1. I link to my personal facebook and twitter right now. I can't handle separate accounts. I know I'm lame. Congrats on getting your twitter up and running.

  2. @Alexis: I'm really just thinking of nixing the whole fb account idea. I just don't think it would get enough of a following for be worth it. Twitter + blog is definitely enough for me to handle. XD