Friday, March 4, 2011

Going on vaca!

 So I've had some very important, ahem, business come up in Hogsmeade, and I'm having to catch an emergency broom over there immediately. I needed a new set of dress robes and some sugar quills anyway. Hopefully I'll have time to stop by The Three Broomsticks while I'm there...

In all actuality, I'm so excited! This is a dream come true for me, and I'm probably never going to want to leave. I'll be away until Wednesday of next week, and I won't be updating the blog, but I will still be able to check my email from my phone.

Hello to all my new followers, and love to all the old! See you guys next week!


  1. I went there a couple weeks ago. I absolutely LOVED it! I'll probably go again soon, since I live in Orlando.

  2. @Ruth: It was a ten hour drive for us. If we go again, I so want to fly down, lol!

    @Ayless: SO WORTH IT!