Review Policy

Review Policy

Thank you for being interested in contacting me! On my blog, I am willing to accept books for review, interview authors (preferably for books I‘ve read), host guest posts, join book tours, and host giveaways. I will do my best to give honest, constructive reviews from my own perspective. This is a casual blog, so don’t expect an essay-length critic. I review from the heart. I’d also like to mention that I do not accept monetary compensation or bribes in exchange for positive reviews. ARCs will never be sold by myself. I may lend it to friends,  host my own giveaway, or donate them to my local library. If you have an preferences with what is done with the ARC, let me know!

Want to contact me? Get in touch at:
tealeaf review [at] gmail [dot] com

I read a lot! I’ll be willing to accept young adult, middle-grade, and adult novels for review.

I’m a pretty eclectic reader, so I’m definitely open to a lot of things. My favorite genres are paranormal, historical, fantasy, dystopian, and some sci-fi.

I will not accept any books that fall under the Christian fiction, sports, harlequin romance, western, and most non-fiction categories.
I also do not accept out-of-order series! If your book is part of a series, and I have not read the previous titles, I may need to be provided with them in order to accurately review your title.

If you’re unsure whether I will be interested in your book, it never hurts to ping me an e-mail! If it sounds good enough, I might just accept it.

I accept ARC, published (including hardback and paperback), and manuscript formats. I do not currently have an e-book reader, so no e-books please!

I typically try to review ARCs in the month that they are released. If you have a specific time in mind, please just let me know!

I will post all my reviews on this blog, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. If you have any preferences in this area, please just let me know.

Like I mentioned, I give honest reviews. Each review will contain information such as the book synopsis (typically taken from the book jacket), publication date, page count, publisher, and cover art. I give a rating for overall, cover, concept, and characters. Some reviews will contain quotes I found particularly memorable. I will also indicate how I received the copy I’m reviewing. Again, I write from the heart, so my reviews, while sometimes lengthy, will not be full of in-depth critical analyses. 
In-Depth Ratings

{5} - Wow, this book was amazing!!! Everyone has to read it now! *gush* I will probably want to re-read it at some point, and I will definitely have a personal copy on my shelf!
{4} - This title was really, really good. It’s not perfect, but it was definitely entertaining. I definitely recommend reading it!
{3} - An average book. While entertaining, it didn’t stand out too much to me. Worth a read if you have the time.
{2} - Ehh…There were a few redeemable factors, but overall, this was pretty bad. Only read it if you dare. But don’t buy it. Really. Go to the library.
{1} - Please no! Stay far, far away from this book! There was something definitely disappointing within.

{5} - BEAUTIFUL! I cannot stop looking at it, and I practically want to frame it.
{4} - Very lovely, but could have used a smidge of something extra. Usually only one element is off.
{3} - Very average cover. Nothing stands out, but it’s not atrocious either.
{2} - Something really turns me off about this cover. I don’t want to throw it away, but it doesn’t necessarily draw me to the book either.
{1} - Ugh, just wrap it in brown paper and be done with it!

{5} - Definitely something original, even if the basic concept isn’t. I love it when an author takes something and puts their own spin on it! A good plot is indispensable.
{4} - A very well thought out concept, but just a little on the typical side.
{3} - Average concept, average plot. Nothing jumped out and grabbed me, but it wasn’t so cliché as to turn me away.
{2} - Below average plot, too predictable.
{1} - Too cliché for words.

{5} - I want to trade BFF charms with these guys!
{4} - Good characters, but not necessarily people I’d like to know in real life. Some personality trait turned me off just a little.
{3} - Average characters. No one stands out, no one makes an impact, but no one is bland enough to make me stop reading.
{2} - Really? When characters are too Mary-Sue and perfect, or too terribly cliché, it turns me away from the book. Definitely not enough depth.
{1} - The cast really has to genuinely annoy me as a whole to get this low.