Friday, April 8, 2011

Book Hop & Follow Friday (12)

This week, I'm participating in three different Friday memes! Crazy for Books hosts the Book Blogger Hop. Parajunkee's View hosts Follow Friday. And a new Friday question to the block, TGIF at Greads! These are all wonderful opportunities for bloggers to get to know each other.

Today's question from the Hop...
"Coming soon..."

Today's question from Follow Friday...
"Do you judge a book by it's cover?"
YES! I am so guilty of being a cover junkie, it's ridiculous. I've bought books from the library book sale just because of their book covers, and not even looked inside to see if the story is even good. I tend to just pass over books if they have a really horrendous cover, but I have been pleasantly surprised every now and then if I just give the book a chance.

Today's question from TGIF...
"Book Tears: Do you get emotional when you read? Which books had you in tears?"
I am a very, very emotional reader. I'll get teary all the time if I'm really connected to a book, and something tragic happens. I remember my first real cry over a book was in middle school when I finished The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. At that time, I couldn't comprehend a less-than-perfect ending, so it was devastating. My biggest cry was probably over the 5th - 7th Harry Potter books. Especially the 7th. Snape being my favorite character...yeah. That wasn't a pretty night.

Those are my most memorable cries, though there have been countless books that have gotten a sniffle or two out of me. ;D


  1. I really need to read Harry Potter. I have the box set & just need to get with it.

  2. I always judge books by their covers, I love covers and it's always the first thing that makes me want to pick up a book. I cried sooo hard with the HP series but the seventh one was the worst for me, I don't remember ever crying for another book as much as I did with that one, my eyes were red and swollen from all the tears. Loved it!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower. I admit that I judge books by their covers. There are a lot of pretty covers now compared to what they used to look like. You can check out my FF on my blog

    Happy FF!!

  4. Cover Lover all the way! The synopsis has to pique my interest though! Otherwise, I won't buy it! I've gotten burned too many times!

    Stop by and see my FF

    Kristi-The Book Faery's FF

  5. I'm the same way. When I finally get to read a book that I didn't love the cover, I could kick myself! I'm already a follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Reviews

  6. I have seen a couple blogs post about Harry Potter and now I really think I should just read it. I haven't read any of them yet even though I keep saying I will.

    I also totally judge a book by its cover! I really dislike when really good books have really ugly covers, it is a real disappointment.

    Happy weekend :)

  7. I'm not an emotional reader. I feel sad about things but I don't cry. That said, I don't like reading books that would make me want to cry.

    I think everyone judges a book by its cover to a certain extent. It has an impact on me but it isn't enough for me to buy it.

  8. I absolutely judge a book by its cover...but it is a system that has worked for me thus far! Please check out my blog as well,


  9. i know what you felt with the harry potter books! and i cried in book 7th too, when harry finally understood snape and his love for harry's mom. i cannot wait for the 2nd movie to come out!

  10. I'm like Ginger. I have all of the HP books, yet I've never read them!

  11. I'm not much of a cover junkie, but I do love it when cover art makes me stop and go, "oohhh...."

    megan @ Read It, See It

  12. Hi, this is my first time to participate in The Friday Follow My Blog Hop-A lot of the 500 or so blogs I do follow join in every week so I thought why not try it-I will happily return all follows

    The Reading Life

    Mel u

  13. I love the Twilight inspired Classic Covers, just saw you have the Wuthering Heights in your reading box. New Follower .

  14. Thanks for all the awesome comments everyone! I really need to look into a new comment system so I can reply individually to everyone. ;D